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Intelligent acoustic auto-calibration

The Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) range from Genelec promises to offer automatic acoustic calibration for up to 25 speakers and five subwoofers. It is thus ideal for multichannel systems, claimed the company.

SAM technology automatically optimises and aligns each monitor and subwoofer for relative levels, time of flight, subwoofer crossover phase as well as individual room response compensations

Three such products are being demoed in Hall 8, in a small 3D audio set-up showcasing their potential.

The 8320A is a two-way speaker with a 4-inch bass driver and three quarter-inch tweeter. The 8330A is also a two-way system with a 5-inch bass driver and 3-inch tweeter. These can be complemented by the 7350A, a subwoofer featuring an 8-inch drive unit in Genelec´s patented Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE) cabinet.

They are controlled by the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software, which in turn contains the AutoCal program. The AutoCal algorithm has been designed on the basis of several hundreds of measurements made in control rooms all over the world. This system allows the user to acoustically calibrate monitors with a few key strokes on a computer, eliminating the need to bring in experts to perform these tasks, said the company