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Integration of Netflix Photon Analyzer

Venera has integrated the Netflix Photon Analyzer with its file-based QC system Pulsar, in order to allow Netflix content providers to verify their IMF packages against Netflix’s specifications and alongside the quality parameters already available within Pulsar.

According to Venera, the IMF packages that currently need to be delivered to Netflix are validated against Photon during the content upload process as a mandatory

However, this is done as a last step when all the work on the content has already been completed. Spotting issues at this stage requires content providers to rectify the errors, repackage the content, and resubmit for another compliance check with Photon, the company explained.

Therefore, for organisations that are already using Pulsar to validate their content in the earlier stages of their workflow, this integration is developed to also let them detect the Photon compliance issues much earlier.

At IBC, Venera is additionally showcasing its Quasar cloud-based QC system, available as a SaaS.