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Integrated visual radio

An integrated solution for ‘visual radio’, which creates video and audio web streams in parallel to normal radio playout, is being showcased. The system, comprised of Lawo’s video and radio/on-air components, allows easy integration of cameras and video clip servers into the radio production workflow.

The touchscreen operation, via Lawo’s VisTool visualisation software in combination with customisable routines, allows visual radio-shows to be realised without any operator intervention.

Studio participants speak into the microphones and the video follows. The participants can monitor their appearance during the broadcast as the camera signals, and the final video mix can be displayed on monitors around the studio.

In addition to visual radio, the same concept can be used to provide fully automated audio and video coverage of sporting events, parliamentary meetings, and surveillance applications.

Lawo’s Visual Radio solution includes video-over-IP coding engines for several standards including H.264 and M-JPEG.