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Instant interactive multi-view

Pressing a ‘red button’ to view alternative camera angles can be a painful process, leading to five or ten second delays in the game as the new video buffers.

Minglvision is different. The London-based start-up claims to have developed the first truly personalised multi-angle/multi-game broadcasting player and infrastructure. Artem Kiselev, CEO & founder, Minglvision, explained: “Our number one
goal was to let you switch between camera angles really, really fast, so there is no delay buffering,”

The technology has been trialled during several Formula One races, with results that leads Kiselev to claim Minglvision will increase average ratings and advertisement open rates [a measure of engagement] by 40 per cent.

“Essentially for the first time in TV history, people could actually interact with what they’re watching,” he says. “We created a personalised video notification that basically provides you access to the best moments of the race, but doesn’t sacrificeyour overall understanding of what’s going on.”

When a significant event happens on a camera a viewer is not watching, Minglvision will pop-up a notification showing the real-time video of a goal being scored, or Formula One car overtaking. Not confined to sport, the application isfor any type of content including live music.

“[The two step integration] is extremely simple,” Kiselev explained.

“A broadcaster or production company relays camera angles to Minglvision’s video ingest points. Then the broadcaster inserts unique short codes, provided by Minglvision, into their OTT applications/website. The player with customised interface will appear once the broadcast starts.”

A set-top box version of the app is due this autumn and Kiselev is also exploring what Minglvision could do for broadcasters by feeding back the data of what cameras people are watching.Ogilvy Labs and Spanish telco Telefónica assisted in the technology development.