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Innovations for acquisition

“We all want acquisition to be quicker, simpler and more efficient, and there are lots of products here at IBC that can do that, even for people on a budget,” said Christina Fox, broadcast trainer, UrbanFox.TV at yesterday’s free ‘What Caught My Eye’ session.

The most exciting new camera she has seen was Sony’s compact FS5 4K model, which merited a video report, with other eye-catching introductions from Panasonic (DVX200), and Canon (EOS C300 MkII). To record the output of these budget new Ultra HD cameras (or the new Sony A7S Mark II very low light camera) at full quality she also recommended the colourful new Atomos Ninja Assassin. For action on the move there was GoPro’s tiny new Hero4 Session with the Vislink-developed HeroCast wireless system.

However, acquisition isn’t just about cameras. Lighting has changed fast with the introduction of LEDs, with Rosco’s Silk 210 tuneable soft light and LCA’s very thin LiteMat catching her eye. “We now know just how good, or not, these lights really are, with anything over 85 needing no colour grading. These lights are above 90,” she said.

Other interesting products included: the £200 Syrp Genie Mini pan (or tilt) head, which is perfect for timelapse; Easyrig’s Vario 5 camera support; Sennheiser’s simple, auto setup AVX Radio Mic, which uses Dect frequencies; and Kupo’s Click Stand. One item she wanted everyone to see: NHK’s 13-inch 8K OLED display.