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Infinite potential for high-speed shots

Infinite is a new ultra-slow motion HD/4K camera system that combines scalability with trigger-less operation. It is claimed to be the first to provide continuous on-board loop recording of more than one hour of high frame rate in HD, as well as frame-accurate ramping of speed without compensation and interpolation.

Infinite can be operated in a range of modes to meet production constraints, whether technical or financial. It should help to streamline production logistics when used either in standalone mode (without a server), or in conjunction with a server, where it only requires a single channel, saving cost and space in the OB van.

I-Movix has also added new features to its X10 range, with the rollout of the new X10 UHD RF wireless HD ultra-slow motion camera. It can be used in wireless mode for very high frame rate shooting in HD sports productions, and enables live and replay operation with standard RF equipment.

The system is said to be lightweight, convenient and as easy to operate as the other X10 systems. It is available with a choice of wireless cameraback units, including Vislink’s Clip-On 4 or L1700.