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Increasing flexibility, bandwidth, margins

Increasing flexibility, bandwidth and margins for satellite operators while reducing their operational costs was the IBC focus for WORK Microwave.

The company showcased three new products from its A-Series FPGA-based family of modem, modulator, and demodulator platform. On display are the AX-60 IP Modem, AR-60 IP Demodulator and AT-60 IP Modulator platforms for IP trunking and IP network infrastructure applications.

Described as both customisable and scalable, WORK said that the A-Series can be adapted to any throughput, data analysis method, and other waveforms beyond DVB-S2X, making it appropriate for telecommunication companies, Internet service providers, teleport operators, government and intelligence agencies, and operators of low orbit (LEO) satellite constellations.

Using the A-Series, WORK explained that operators can transmit and receive DVB-S2X signals with what the company said is the utmost efficiency and ease of operation. Use cases include high-speed network links (100, 200, or 300 Mbps) over satellite, IP-based satellite newsgathering, IP-based contribution and distribution links, connection to and from LEO for earth observation, and reception and analysis of satellite communication. By providing operators with a future-proof and flexible platform for both standardised DVB-S2X and customised satellite communication, WORK claims the A-Series simplifies the transition toward an all-IP environment.