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OPINION: Improving broadcast experience

Fibre optic is the technology of the future, says Dominique Glauser, CEO, Fischer Connectors

Broadcasting is increasingly driven by consumers’ demand for engaging content served upon demand across multiple platforms and devices. Just as premium quality, ease of use, and value for money drive end users’ choice of content channel, they also determine broadcasters’ choice of enabling technology. The current media environment offers exciting new opportunities to improve both the user and provider experience at all stages of the media supply chain. The time is right to embrace these opportunities.

The transition from SDI (Serial Digital Interface) to TCP-IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is creating a revolution in the media industry by making content directly accessible for consumers, thanks to VoD (video on demand) and OTT (over-the-top) streaming services, for example.

The trend towards Ultra HD TV is raising quality expectations too. The media industry is therefore under great pressure to adapt to these rapid changes in consumer behaviour and technology. However, using TCP-IP together with SDI offers great advantages, as production costs can be reduced by taking advantage of existing telecom systems and hardware. The abstraction layer offered by TCP-IP protocols improves control over content creation and delivery.

Following the increase in content quality and availability, the natural next step is to use fibre, since lots of telecom network equipment already uses fibre optic interfaces for data transfer. Fibre optic is the technology of the future, offering opportunities to increase capacity, streamline supply chains and simplify production and delivery. However, broadcasters face the challenge of finding the right solution in terms of costs and maintenance, since the average cost of content creation is dropping due to an ever broader public getting involved in producing online content.

Fischer Connectors has decades of experience in providing connectivity solutions to players in the broadcast market. We’ve been working closely with our customers to develop ready-to-use fibre optic cabling solutions for field broadcasting activities that maintain the stability you need for a high-quality optical link, plus are safe, easy to use, fast to deploy and good value for money.

At IBC this year, we are showcasing our new high-performance FiberOptic connectors and accessories that are ideally suited for multiple connections both indoors and outdoors. IP67 sealing unmated (IP68 mated) provides unmatched device protection, making these connectors suitable for harsh environments. Their removable sleeve holder and push-pull locking system make them easy to connect, disconnect, and disassemble so you can clean and maintain them easily.
The new accessories (daisy chaining and loopback) simplify your technical support teams’ lives by facilitating fibre optic deployment and transmission testing in the field. Our goal is to help broadcasters make this big leap to new fibre optic technologies that will become tomorrow’s standards, so they can focus more on creating compelling content.