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Improved streaming in bad conditions

CrossLock is a significant enhancement to the Comrex ACCESS and LiveShot codecs, taking care of multiple IP streams, data loss and codec to codec connectivity.

It can create an end-to-end virtual private network connection and manages changes in data throughput and any difficulties in using multiple data streams for diversity and bonding. It is particularly useful for big events where there is a lot of demand for mobile data services, making better use of available data connectivity to provide the best quality with the lowest delay possible.

CrossLock mitigates the effect of delayed and lost packets by using forward error correction and error masking, and BRUTE (Broadcast-Reliable UDP Transmission Enhancement) including congestion avoidance, which clocks the data down to fit into the available pipeline. The end result is that error-free live streaming should be possible even with 25 per cent packet loss (or more).

It also combines data streams to provide greater bandwidth and increased reliability, by using multiple data paths, which is difficult to do well without additional delay, so clever data throttling is needed.

New firmware released at IBC includes CrossLock capability with multi-streaming included as standard for the ACCESS and LiveShot codecs, supporting the use of multiple 3G/4G/WiFi/Ethernet connections in any combination where previously, expensive multi-SIM external modems were needed.