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Imagine Communications: Forging a path to IP

Imagine Communications is unveiling new technology aimed at enabling the media and entertainment industry to transition smoothly from traditional broadcast infrastructures to IP-enabled, software-defined and virtualised networks.

The company’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) framework and Magellan SDN Orchestrator are created to integrate baseband infrastructure and IP networks. “As our customers migrate to IP, they want to ensure their considerable investments in baseband continue to be leveraged, while taking full advantage of the flexibility, scalability and efficiency that next-generation IP-based architectures can offer,” said Steve Reynolds, CTO, Imagine Communications. “The unique, hybrid approach of the Magellan SDN Orchestrator eases the transition to IP while dramatically improving the way video is managed through broadcast facilities. Media companies can now leverage the high-quality video processing done in baseband while using an on-ramp and off-ramp to baseband over IP via a software control layer.”

Noting that broadcasters want to avoid having two networks with different interfaces, management systems, and technical staffs, Imagine reasons that the Magellan SDN framework can be the right fit. It explained: “By enabling the video bit flow to be software-mapped, transparent operation of the IP infrastructure is made possible, simplifying network architectures operating in hybrid networks of baseband and IP workflows. This eases the decision to build facilities for IP, providing scalable, geo-diverse and elastic networks that are customer-configurable to each unique workflow and paving the way for migration to virtualised environments.”