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IDX: HD wireless link

The new CW-7 short-range HD wireless video link is an upgrade of IDX’s popular CW-5HD. It has the same form factor and ease of use, but adds many improvements at a lower price, notably an increase in transmitter power across all four selectable channels.

This power has enabled both a doubling of picture bandwidth and range with reliable line of sight of 100 metres now being achieved.

Reliability of the link has also been greatly improved thanks to the introduction of DFS technology on two of the channels. This technology scans all the available channels that the CW-7 is allowed to use license exempt and picks the least constrained channel to use in that particular location.

Multicast, where one transmitter can broadcast to a number of receivers, is supported on two of the channels, and the increased link stability permits up to four systems to be used in the same locality.
The unit also costs €1000 less than the CW-5HD.