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IDS ticks boxes for teachers

The Information Display System (IDS) from IPE has been deployed at Southampton Solent University in the UK.

IDS, which IPE is featuring on its IBC stand, is composed of dedicated software and hardware devices that use a scalable TCP/IP backbone to provide monitoring and networked display functionality from touchscreens.

The installation at Southampton Solent University is a central component of the university’s ability to monitor, analyse and, if required, rectify operational aspects of multiple studios. These are being used for the training the university provides for its students, including live streaming, documentaries, web broadcasting, music festivals, sports events and many other projects.

Jon Wills, specialist facilities team leader and technical instructor, Southampton Solent University, explained: “We were initially interested in IDS’s remote noise monitoring function. No other system would give us the ability to remotely monitor noise levels in such a neat and configurable way.

There doesn’t appear to be a competitor for it.

“IDS already ticks a lot of boxes for us, but its flexibility enables us to add further functions to the system, which we can pretty much plug straight into the existing network with some configuration assistance from IPE.”

Reuben Such, head of products sales and support, IPE, added: “Southampton Solent University is a prime example of how IDS puts users firmly in ‘remote control’ by providing the right information to the right people at the right time.

Its scalability is important as it enables the system to grow with the university and the needs of its students.

It’s a system that will provide familiarity to the students in their ongoing careers as it’s already used by household-name broadcasters all over the world.”