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IBM: What real benefits from Cloud?

Cloud computing is coming of age, with companies of all sizes across varying industries now fully embracing this new way of accessing technology solutions. Experts predict this trend will continue to grow as more companies seek to exploit the benefits of Cloud.

Despite the obvious benefits, though, some companies are hesitant about adopting Cloud, citing several drawbacks. According to IBM there are concerns over data security since the data is only as safe as the Cloud provider’s security mechanisms. In particular, personal data, governed by various country specific data protection regulations, must be adequately protected, and organisations can face large fines for loss of such data.

Another concern, states IBM, is the service levels offered are typically the same for all clients based on the ‘standard service’. Consideration must be given to how adequate the standard service is, particularly in the context of service availability, scalability, and software currency.

Paul Drinkwater, IBM, partner and media industry lead, chairs the session ‘Can Broadcasters get real benefit from Cloud Computing?’ today at 14.00 where the benefits and drawbacks of Cloud for the broadcast industry will be aired.