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IBM: Broadcasters must become agile

The rapid adoption of smart devices and the growth in network bandwidth and social media are creating exciting opportunities for media and entertainment (M&E) companies. Yet, increasingly empowered consumers are demanding the content they want, on the device they choose at the location and time that fits their schedule. This new ‘connected’ marketplace requires that M&E firms deliver compelling experiences that meet each consumer’s unique need.

“To succeed in this new connected consumer era, broadcasters must become more agile,” said Steven L. Canepa, general manager, global M&E industry, IBM. “They must understand their audience in greater detail, develop efficient frameworks that can deliver customised experiences, and be prepared to deliver innovation at the moment of consumption.”

He continues: “Traditional audience measurement techniques must evolve to include realtime collection and analysis of social media and transaction data to truly understand consumer behaviours and preferences. Harnessing the vast amounts of structured and unstructured data can provide powerful insights which can inform business decisions and create enhanced revenue streams. The financial benefits of targeted advertising and more efficient and effective marketing campaigns can only be achieved through these data-driven approaches.”

Personalised media is the new imperative, IBM believes. Solutions that integrate cloud, analytics, mobile and social – in a secure manner – are the answer.

“Linking distribution with analytics in a cloud environment allows M&E companies to clearly understand the behaviour of connected customers and deliver increased value. The scale and flexibility provided by these new approaches can provide a digital delivery system that enables more than just speed and infrastructure savings. It makes new innovative business models possible.”