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IB/E Optics/Walser: World’s fastest lens launched

With a lens speed of f0.85, the new HandeVision Ibelux 40/0.85 is claimed to be the fastest lens for system cameras currently in series production, and ideal for low light situations. It comes in versions with mounts for Sony E, Fuji X, Canon EOS M and Micro 4/3 and costs €1,799.

It has 10 diaphragm blades, to give a pleasing bokeh or out-of-focus blur for shallow depth of field shots. Optically, it uses 10 multi-coated lenses in eight groups, for increased contrast and minimised reflections. Its lateral chromatic aberration is smaller than 6µm, which gives a resolution of about 4K.

The lens has been developed by German lens manufacturer IB/E Optics and Shanghai Transvision Photographic Equipment (which makes Kipon branded adapters), and is distributed by Walser.

The 128mm long metal lens, which weighs 1,150 grams, is the first of a new range of HandeVision models, and further lenses for mirrorless full format cameras and DSLRs will be released, including: a wide-angle Ibegon lens; a high-speed telephoto APO mirror lens, the Ibecat; a tilt-shift lens; and a compact fixed focal length lens.