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IBC interest fuelling server demand

The Mira Replay and Mira Production servers are being showcased, with new features to improve workflow efficiency and expand connectivity, said Abekas.

These new features include Ross DashBoard server control; integration with Axle content management software; Evertz router control directly from Mira server user interfaces; and, significantly, fast native clip networking between multiple Mira Replay servers across standard gigabit Ethernet. Junaid Sheikh, president and CEO, Abekas, said: “Abekas has witnessed increased demand for all our products in Europe since IBC last year, with significant interest in the Mira Replay server and Tria clip server products.

The ease of use, depth of functionality and continuous improvements in workflow efficiencies has been the key driver for this success.”

This new clip networking feature allows Mira Replay operators to quickly share pre-recorded media clips between any number of Mira Replay servers interconnected via gigabit Ethernet hardware. These shared clips can include those clipped from either an actively recording replay event or from any previously recorded replay event still present on the remote Mira servers.

Also on display in the Abekas stand is equipment specifically designed to benefit live television production, including AirCleaner profanity delay with masking features forboth audio and video.

Also featured is the Tria clip server, with video+key+audio clip recording, media fileingest and clip playback from high-speed SSD recording media, which Abekas claimed would suit live vision mixer workflows.