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IBC debut for ‘missing link’ between camera and computer

IBC sees the European debut of axle Cam, set to resolve organisational issues caused by multiple file formats, bitrates, file wrappers and folder structures

IBC2015 will see the European debut of axle Cam this week, a new product created to resolve organisational issues caused by multiple file formats, bitrates, file wrappers and folder structures.

The company explained the strategy behind axle Cam: “Video cameras and DSLRs can generate dozens or hundreds of files and folders and, for most people, sorting through this clutter presents a tedious and unforgiving task. This can often lead to errors, misplaced shots, and perhaps most importantly, lost production cycles and less creative time. By automatically cleaning up incoming files, making H.264 proxies, filing the metadata and displaying everything in a simple and elegant browser/mobile interface, axle Cam can be thought of as the missing link between the camera and the computer, a personal editorial assistant that can handle all of the tiring but necessary drudge work, freeing up time for more important things like creative editing, experimenting with new ideas, or accelerating workflow.”

The software automatically detects, imports and organises camera media. All users granted access are then able to access, edit and share files. The product supports DSLRs and HD cameras made by Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, Nikon and GoPro. axle Video is additionally developing specialised modules to support Red and other cinema cameras, though release dates have not been announced.

Also at IBC, axle Video is featuring the newest version of its media management application, axle 2015, which includes an updated user interface and a REST API. The company is also introducing to the European market its axle Edit, an iPad- and iPhone-based editor for field capture, video editing with access to all media tracked by axle 2015, and upload.

Stand: 7.D07