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IBC brings together the IP history makers

Never, in 49 IBC shows, have we seen the like. The move from analogue to digital was immense, but the eradication of the serial digital interface (SDI) in favour of our IP future has summoned the unprecedented gathering of the EBU, AMWA, the VSF, SMPTE, AIMS, the AES and the IABM to support the IBC Interoperability Zone, and user demands for a common set of protocols.

Broadcasters from China, India and many other nations jumped on planes to come and witness the VRT IP Live studio in action, and talk to VRT project manager Karel De Bondt and project founder Michel De Wolf.

Asked about what is coming, De Wolf said: “Auto discovery is one thing, but for me the big challenge is virtualisation. This move to IP is only a way to enable virtualisation.”
De Bondt said:

“Much like the transition from tape to digital editing, which enabled a whole new way of programme creation, something similar will happen when going from SDI to IP. You will see emerging computer cards and normal people will start programming their own devices.”