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IBC at the movies

War for the Planet of the Apes is the IBC Big Screen movie on Monday evening [Auditorium, 18:30-21:00].

Number three in the rebooted ‘Apes’ trilogy was a box-office blockbuster smash for director Matt Reeves, earning a massive $346 million at its opening, and helped by another blistering performance from Andy Serkis (Caesar) as well as musical score, visual effects, cinematography and what Variety described as a morally complex and poignant storyline.

IBC delegates get a VIP seat at the 21st Century Fox smash hit, which is being screened in Dolby Atmos all-embracing sound and Dolby Vision. Almost every critic has praised the technology, whether from the apes and their motion-captured and CGI performances or the immersive impact of Dolby’s Atmos and Vision.

And the studio gossip is that there’s an Apes IV in the works!