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IABM’s ‘must attend’ breakfast

This IBC session (9 September, 08:00, Forum) is truly unique in that it gives delegates a fast-track appraisal as to what’s happening in the real world and how the IABM’s membership see the future. Chaired by John Ive, a well-known IBC expert, he asks the key questions for all delegates: Where is the smart money being spent, how much, who is spending it and on what technology? Is there an economic slowdown in broadcast and media, or is this new era helping to fuel more expenditure? The IABM has the answers.

Ive’s panel includes Peter White, CEO at the IABM; Steve Canepa, GM/Global Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment at IBM; Charlie Vogt, CEO at Imagine Communications, and Wenbing Yao, director of strategy and marketing at Huawei Technologies.

Using the IABM’s analysis of data from its members – drawn from major industry vendors as well as smaller supplies of crucial equipment to broadcasters (and representing some 80 per cent of the market’s revenues) – this is an unmissable slice of market intelligence. And
there’s usually a croissant for early birds!