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Hypercore batteries go Mini for Cine

The latest addition to Core SWX’s Hypercore line is the HC9 Mini, designed for today’s lighter and more mobile digital cine camera set-ups, such as the Red DSMC2 and Arri Mini.

The 98Wh (14.8V) 12A batteries measure (9x12x5cm), weigh 861.8g, and come in three versions: V-mount; Red; and a Gold-mount version compatible with Anton Bauer chargers. An LED backlit runtime LCD on the front of the battery shows how much battery time is left and indicates remaining charge time while connected to a charger.

The Red-specific version can communicate directly with a Red camera’s LCD/VF. The battery cells are encased in a rubberised housing, for protection against impacts. The HC9 Mini is safe and legal for air travel.

Core SWX also has a new line of Fleet Micro Chargers, which are claimed to offer “the fastest battery charging times in the industry” (four 98Wh packs in less than 2.5 hours), with versions supporting V-mount and 3-stud batteries; either two or four positions for each.

There are four modes: Fast Charge; SafeFly, which discharges/charges batteries to 30 per cent (within IATA regulations for safe air transport); Test mode, to determine battery health and recharge performance; and Hypercine, which combines all packs and provides power to either an unregulated 12V-16.8V 4-pin XLR or regulated 28V 3-pin XLR DC output to power large-draw set-ups.