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Hybrid video system from Aviwest makes news at IBC

Aviwest is to demonstrate new products and enhancements to its Digital Mobile News Gathering (DMNG) system at IBC2015

Aviwest is to demonstrate new products and enhancements to its Digital Mobile News Gathering (DMNG) system at IBC2015.

The video contribution platform enables broadcasters to capture and broadcast live HD or SD video over multiple networks, including bonded 3G/4G cellular wireless, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite.

Offering mobility and integration into existing workflows and headends, low power consumption and high MTBF, Aviwest said the DMNG system gives broadcasters a fully integrated and cloud-based solution for breaking news and live events coverage.

The company will introduce a new IP Bridge functionality for the DMNG PRO video uplink system and DMNG Studio. This functionality allows broadcasters to establish an IP bridge between the LAN on which the receiver is connected and the IP devices connected over Ethernet to the DMNG PRO.

This set-up enables full control of all IP-based products, such as video mixers or PTZ cameras, directly from the DMNG Studio site, allowing for remote video production on the fly.

The DMNG HE4000, a new HEVC 4K contribution video encoder will also be shown at IBC2015. The encoder is designed to help broadcasters deliver 4K content at low bit rates. The 1RU encoder features the company’s SafeStreams technology, which bonds together IP networks to assure the delivery of live transmissions even in the midst of unpredictable cellular network conditions.

The HEVC 4K contribution encoder can be fully integrated with the DMNG Studio receiver and the DMNG Manager.

The latter is a server application that enables broadcasters and video professionals to monitor and manage fleet of DMNG equipment. A new grid view has been added to the DMNG Manager, and will be demonstrated at IBC.

This provides a video thumbnail of each feed from the field units. When arranged in a grid-view, these thumbnails ease system resource allocation by helping operators to easily route the video streams to one or multiple receivers or CDNs, with simple drag and drop.

Another key highlight at IBC2015 will be Aviwest’s DMNG APP, which turns any smartphone into a live broadcast video camera. Using Android or iOS-based smartphones, video professionals can stream high-quality, live video content via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G-LTE networks (even bonding both together for higher bandwidth, coverage, and reliability) or transmit prerecorded video files from anywhere in the world to the DMNG Studio receiver.

The DMNG APP is now available as a software development kit (SDK) to allow broadcasters to embed the core of the AVIWEST app within their own application to achieve their own unique branded look and feel.

The company will also demo its new Web portal at the show. The site,, is designed to assist broadcasters and video service providers looking to rent the company’s DMNG solutions. Attendees will learn how to navigate the website, which is free to use for all Aviwest customers and partners.

In addition to connecting broadcasters and video service providers, the site includes a Q&A forum where users can discuss the company’s DMNG systems as well as other related topics, and receive feedback from a community of users.

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