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Hybrid playout service reflects Broadcast 2.0 shift

Reflecting its theme for IBC of ‘Broadcast 2.0’, Amagi is displaying what it describes as a ‘next generation’ managed playout service for the very first time.

Based on a hybrid architecture consisting of cloud-management and edge-playout technology, the new offering provides options for content delivery, playout management, ingest, asset management, archive management, quality control, traffic and scheduling, and 24/7 monitoring.

Using the new service content owners supply their assets using fast file-transfer on the Internet or upload using portable storage. Amagi then automatically ingests and transcodes assets into the required formats, archiving the content as required.

The service also includes an automated content ingest workflow with built-in problem-solving abilities to automatically prioritise assets scheduled for earlier playout.

Also introduced by Amagi at the show are personalised mid-roll advert insertion capabilities for linear and on-demand OTT content.

A demo is showing how its patented watermarking technology automatically detects the commercial breaks and splices different mid-roll ads to different users based on their profiles.

This innovation means broadcasters no longer need to remove their linear feed TV ads, said the company.