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HS2 rides remote phosphor Wave

The new HS2 Wave remote phosphor light is the latest in Cineo’s HS range, offering “an integrated lamp head and power supply that are preconfigured for simple,
one-piece operation”, explained Rich Pierceall, Cineo’s CEO.

“The power supply can also be removed and be up to 300 feet [100m] away,” added sales executive, Drew Yuhas.

The HS2 Wave also includes integrated antennas for LumenRadio, giving wireless DMX support and RDM programming (which can be done from Cineo’s Lumenair 3 iOS app), in addition to traditional 5-pin XLR control. A 5v USB port has been added to power third-party wireless receivers, as well as for firmware updates.

Other features include an enhanced digital display, rotary control local dimming, three-channel DMX fine dimming, one-channel DMX smooth dimming and DMX strobe capabilities.

Users can individually change the colour and luminance of both of the panels via DMX while in three-channel operation.