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Honeycomb’s buzzing

Digital delivery service provider Honeycomb announced that it is employing Telestream transcoding, workflow orchestration and automated quality control technologies at its London facility.

Media transcoding and workflow orchestration is performed using Telestream’s Vantage Media Processing Platform. Telestream Switch is used as a video player for manual review of content. And Telestream Vidchecker is used to perform the core of Honeycomb’s QC operations.

“By embracing the automation of key media processes, and by using cloud computing technology, we can offer truly disruptive media delivery services that not only cost much less than the current services, but offer a much faster service to our clients,” said Craig-Russill Roy, head of broadcast at Honeycomb.

“Our average process time for delivery of a commercial through Honeycomb is 20-30 minutes, while in ideal situations we can deliver an ad from the editor timeline
to the broadcaster, including a full QC and compliance check, in 10 minutes.”

Telestream’s flurry of IBC announcements also include the installation of its Vantage Media Processing Platform and Lightspeed Live Capture system within the European Commission in Brussels.