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HighPoint: Rocket-inspired storage showcased

The rocket has long been a symbol of man’s innovation and technological prowess, and it inspired the founders of HighPoint Technologies to name the company’s products accordingly.

RocketStor Thunderbolt 2 SATA Adapters are the fastest, easiest way to integrate mini-SAS and eSATA storage devices into today’s fastest Thunderbolt-capable Mac and Windows PC platforms. The 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 transfer bandwidth and external mini-SAS connectors are said to ensure optimal performance for SATA hard drives and SSDs, and can support any industry standard mini-SAS and eSATA storage enclosure, including those with integrated RAID capability, or those hosting arrays created with Mac OS X’s disk utility. HighPoint says that the RocketStor 6328L and 6324L storage docks allow customers to take full advantage of the performance and versatility of Thunderbolt 2 while using their existing SATA storage devices.

HighPoint’s Dual-Storage Modes are said to be fully compliant with the industry standard LTO Ultium drive, enabling single RAID adapters to support both LTO tape drives and tape libraries in addition to RAID storage configurations. HighPoint says that it understands that one size does not fit all; different workflows and storage applications require different storage interfaces and port configurations. To address these requirements, it has integrated the Dual- Storage Modes Solution into the HighPoint Thunderbolt 2 Hardware RAID Adapter, SAS 6Gbps Hardware RAID, and 6Gbps SAS Value RAID PCIe Adapter Series, and notes that Dual-Storage Mode has been validated with HP LTFS and LTO Tape Applications such as Archiware P5, TOLIS Group’s BRU PR, and Imagine Product’s PreRoll Post.