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Highest quality content, on time, to consumers

In this day and age we are surrounded by digital media content from the moment we wake up. However, the way in which we consume this content has changed drastically. In addition, the volume, variety and sources of the content that we consume has substantially increased. As the media and entertainment landscape continues to expand from television to mobile platforms and beyond, the onus is on service providers to deliver the highest quality content, on time, to consumers.

As content has shifted to file-based workflows, the content lifecycle has sped up with more transformations and more operations that can negatively impact content quality and readiness. File-based workflows and quality control have become a tightly coupled business challenge for broadcasters, studios and distributors. As the content moves from supplier to consumer at each stage of the content lifecycle, there are many content transformations (eg, multi-language closed captions and dubbing, ad insertions etc) that can adversely impact the content quality and readiness.

Sometimes a programme source file could have hundreds of variants for different formats, languages and regulatory compliance. The quality control requirements in each phase of the content chain vary based on the respective formats, content changes and workflow details.

Hence there is a need for a reliable and scalable automated content verification and realtime monitoring solutions that support broad applicability and are easy to integrate into a wide variety of complex workflows across the content creation and delivery chain. The resulting solution should enable a consistent and objective measure for quality control that spans the complex workflow.

At IBC2014, Interra Systems is proud to introduce its latest versions of Baton and Orion products. Interra’s solutions address content quality issues from content creation to content delivery. Baton is our Enterprise class automated content verification (quality control) solution for file-based SD, HD, and mixed workflows.

Supporting a full range of codecs and media containers, Baton ensures quality control of media content from creation to playout. This solution is highly flexible and can be quickly scaled for large facilities or a high volume of content. As a hardware and O/S independent solution, Baton can be easily integrated in a facilities’ existing infrastructure.

Orion, our Enterprise class monitoring solution, offers realtime content monitoring across all levels in a single environment. Orion monitors all aspects of transport streams: content structure, composition, programs, audio-video quality checks, and advanced functions such as digital program insertion (DPI). Orion accurately detects content quality issues and offers advanced analytics that make monitoring very efficient.

Today’s consumers increasingly expect content anytime, anywhere, and prefer entertainment to fit in their schedule. Service providers need to ensure the best possible quality for their content in order to gain a competitive edge. We are encouraged to see that many service providers are differentiating their offering with better content quality and experience.
We believe our content verification, monitoring and debugging solutions will enable providers to create and deliver high quality content in a high volume and velocity environment.