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Higher dynamic range than the nakedEYE

The new nakedEYE HDRi is a specialised camera system for creating spherical 360° HDRi (high dynamic range imaging) shots and sequences used for CGI and VFX lighting – these capture and combine several different, lower dynamic range exposures to offer the widest possible dynamic range result.

The camera allows for highly automated and very quick recordings of large exposure brackets, and provides timer functions (delayed recording start) and the recording of bracket sequences for moving shots and timelapse. All settings and values are stored permanently until they are changed by the user.

The nakedEYE HDRi system, which is based on Indiecam’s 380g nakedEYE 4K 50/60p VR-camera, records images in the uncompressed 12-bit CinemaDNG Raw format. It is a high-quality, high-resolution, full 360° VR-capture system for the production of cinematic content, offering PoV-style VR shots.

The camera uses two square 2Kx2K global shutter sensors, with 12+ stops of dynamic range. The lenses are very close together, to minimise parallax effects, for easier stitching. It records at very high bit rates to SSD media.

Indiecam is also showing its indieDICE, claimed to be the world’s smallest 2/3-inch 3G-SDI camera. It uses a global shutter HD 50/60p sensor, and does not need a CCU for operation or control as everything is integrated in the 32x32x65mm body.