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High-density fibre transport platform unleashed

The growing need for higher signal density, format flexibility and operational versatility in a fibre transport frame is being addressed by MultiDyne here at IBC, with the launch of the VF-9000, a compact 1RU solution available in 18- and 36-channel versions.

The higher signal density is useful for customers working in ENG, sports production and other applications with high channel counts, claimed MultiDyne. Users can support up to 36 video signal conversions across HD, 3Gbps and 12G from one unit, with automatic configuration of all inputs and outputs based on several parameters.

Frank Jachetta, president at MultiDyne, told The Daily: “The reason this is cool is because you don’t have to buy a specific configuration; you can create it, not only the signal types but how you can combine them via multiplexing.

By the nature of these different flavour cards you can build a configuration and you can convert between transmitter or receiver simply by replacing the SFP optical modulator.”

Jachetta continued: “The price per circuit is cost effective, but the major cost saving is that you don’t need different kit for different jobs.”

Users can mix any combination of optical and copper connections to achieve the desired balance of inputs and outputs. The VF-9000 automatically recognises the

SFP module connections, and transitions to the proper configuration upon coming online. A robust multiplexer feature effortlessly combines 18 signals over one single-mode fibre for efficient, high-density signal transport.

VF-9000 systems can easily mix in audio, Ethernet, reference and other data signals based on specifications at the time of order, with plans to enable hot-swappable functionality for any card and SFP in future releases.