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Hexagon on track for robotic control

The Hexagon track system is an advanced new robotic dolly system on tracks. It has been developed with Italian dolly specialist Tecnopoint to work with Vinten’s VRC control system.

The company claimed it offers fast setup and easy assembly with no cables outside of the track, making it suitable for both news studios and outside broadcasts, such as concerts or sports events.

It means that x-y pedestals, elevation-only pedestals, track systems and head-only systems can all be operated by the same control system. This will enable current VRC users to integrate the Hexagon System as an alternative to robotic pedestals or cranes.

The Hexagon Dolly’s motorised column and robotic head natively interface to the Vinten control protocol and can be fully managed from the VRC. With a height of just 30mm from the ground, the system is claimed to use the lowest profile track design available today while
retaining stability and ease of movement.

The system uses four traction wheels with dual synchronised motors, and provides an optional positioning belt so that the track position can be very accurately measured and sent to a graphics engine for use in an augmented/virtual reality environment.

The new track system enables flexible configurations, including straight or curved track shape, and up to two dollies on one track with collision avoidance as well as the option for either high-speed/low payload or low-speed/high payload options.