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Heads up for Black Unicorn

The new Black Unicorn stabilisation system combines a sectional, vehicle-mounted, remote-controlled gyro stabilised camera crane with a three-axis gyro stabilised flight head. This is intended to create smooth, stable images when travelling cross-country at high speed.

The Russian engineers behind the device have a background both in filmmaking and military research, and the system is claimed to offer pinpoint accuracy and ease
of operation.

The Black Unicorn Smart Head is IP65 rated for use in adverse weather conditions, and includes motion control functions, using three lightweight gyro motors.

The head can be supplied with the camera fastening plates of any length, as well as various vibration insulators. It sports the Medusa radio lens control system which uses up to three wireless optical drives, for focus, iris and zoom. Medusa includes highly accurate one-touch calibration and boasts exceptionally long battery life-rated at up to 32 hours.

As well as vehicle mounting, the 20kg head (payload up to 35kg) can also be used with cable cam systems. It can turn at up to 240º per second, and accomplish up to five full 360º (pan or Dutch angle) turns in either direction, and
tilt up to 360º.

The crane can be used at up to 90kph off road or 180kph on, can be configured from 3.15m to 7.55m long, and can pan 360º in 4.5 seconds. Besides the crane, there is also a simpler, passively stabilised 35kg Heron suspension mount that can take a payload of up to 70kg.