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HDR: From zero to infinity

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology — which effectively expands the range between the darkest and brightest images a projector, TV or other display can produce — is generating growing attention among the production community. It “may well be an important feature of Ultra HDTV in future years, though the jury is still out, and will take some months to reach a verdict,” according to David Wood, chairman of the International Telecommunication Union group responsible for a recommended global blueprint for Ultra HD.

It’s the subject of not one but two further sessions on the IBC Big Screen today. IBC will present the most in-depth and wide ranging analysis of this crucial image enhancement which delivers new storytelling options for filmmakers and technical challenges along the post to delivery pipe.

HDR: From zero to infinity – 2 [Auditorium 11:30 – 13:00] looks at HDR for cinema, specifically the requirements and issues in the capture and post production of HDR images. Curtis Clark, ASC Technology committee chairman, American Society of Cinematographers and Bill Baggelaar, senior vice-president production and post production technology at Sony Pictures Entertainment will present.

Straight afterwards, [Auditorium, 13:30 – 14:30] the trilogy will conclude with a panel of experts from Barco, Dolby Laboratories, IMAX Corporation and Sony who will discuss the technology and challenges of HDR and wide colour projection in exhibition.