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HDR monitors prove to smash hit

Rugged new studio and high dynamic range monitors, ‘so tough you can drive over them’, have been introduced by SmallHD in its first move into this market.

Kieron Seth, marketing manager at distributor Holdan, said, “You can take a baseball bat to their frame. They’ve shot 9mm bullets at the back, and paint bullets at the screen, and run over the whole thing with an SUV, and set fire to it, and it still works.”

As proof, videos of the attempted destruction are on the SmallHD website.

The aluminium 10-bit HDR monitors are at least three times the brightness (at 1,000-1,500 Nits) of the studio models. Prices range from $3,000
to $8,000.

The HD monitors include full LUT management and have multiple mounting points for accessories thanks to a neat rail system for rapid mounting of batteries, wireless transmitters/receivers, or recorders.

The models include: the 17-inch 1703, available as 300 Nit standard or 1,100 Nit HDR; the 24-inch 2403 (250 or 1,000 Nits); and the 1,500 Nit 32-inch 3203 HDR model. All have two 3G-SDI inputs and outputs, plus HDMI I/O, and built-in cross conversion between them.