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HDR encoding for HDTV

The AVHE100 encoding and multiplexing system from Rohde & Schwarz makes it possible to broadcast HDR material in UHD as well as in HD, for example over DVB-T2 networks.

According to R&S, headend operators could either replace existing encoders or build entirely new multiplex systems employing the technology.

The R&S AVHE100 can embed HDR-specific metadata in a transport stream by means of a software option. HDR signaling is switched on and off via the system’s GUI, by an external trigger or by means of a scheduler.

When used in conjunction with the R&S Venice ingest and playout platform, the AVHE100 can switch between SDR and HDR content.

Operators can use the platform for a range of scenarios to migrate existing UHD and HD channels to HEVC, or to build new UHD and HD channels including HEVC capability.

According to R&S, the AVHE100 supports relevant digital broadcast standards, and can be enhanced with optional functions, such as encryption, monitoring, and redundancy.