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HDR-capable 4K waveform monitor

High dynamic range measurement, 12G-SDI connectivity, as well as support for Sony’s IP Live Video and its Networked Media Interface technology, are three new options that have been introduced for Leader’s LV5490 4K waveform monitor.

An upcoming fourth option will provide support for analysis of high frame-rate 4K signals at up to 8x real time.

The HDR measurement uses Leader’s intuitive Cinezone false colours to highlight areas of concern when operating with HDR content. The HDR display supports SMPTE ST2084 (Dolby PQ curve) and ARIB STD B-67 (BBC/NHK hybrid log gamma).

The 12G-SDI connectivity supports not only 12G-SDI, but also 3G-SDI quad link, 3G-SDI dual-link and HD-SDI, each input handling a quarter of the 4096×2160 pixel 4K or 3840×2160 pixel Ultra HD image.

The interface also incorporates a reclocked 12G-SDI output. 12G-SDI eye pattern with jitter measurements will be available as an option.

Waveform, vector and picture display can all be viewed at the same time on the LV5490’s 9-inch 1920×1080 LCD monitor, which also allows simultaneous viewing of up to four SDI inputs, including overlays, and the user is not limited to fixed-size quadrants.

The LV5490 also includes video frame capture, instrumentation screen capture, timecode display and ID display.