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HDMI connection signals Mini expansion

Expanding its new line of compact and affordable Mini eXchange converters, Multidyne is displaying HDMI (copper)-to-fibre as well as fibre-to-HDMI models. With broadcasters making the transition to video file delivery over an IP infrastructure, MultiDyne claimed it was poised to make that migration smooth and familiar to veteran engineers.

The company is showing its EOS 4000 and 5000 optical electrical switches, and the company’s full line of signal conversion units (analogue video, HD and DVI-to-fibre, and back again), frame-accurately controlled over a single fibre-optic cable. MultiDyne is also showing a new version of its SMPTE Hybrid Universal Transmission (HUT) Extender that works with any SMPTE-Based HD Camera. It claimed that no other system in the industry can accommodate so many different camera models.

MultiDyne D.940