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HDIP level 3 components on show

Two topics that are gripping this year’s IBC visitors are IP and UltraHD, and both are an area of focus for KVM manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck. The company is demonstrating its recently-announced DP-HR-DH components, which include support for HDIP level 3.

Intended to be used within a matrix, the devices include a DisplayPort connector and can be used as transmitter and receiver to establish a direct point-to-point connection. Dual-head – hence the ‘DH’ in the product name – operation is possible. For the time being, the devices support a video bandwidth of 300 megapixels/second allowing, for example, a transmission of 2K at 60 Hz or 4K at 30 Hz.

At the same time, the devices offer a connector for a second DisplayPort source or, at the console side, a second monitor. In this case, both video signals share the bandwidth of the transmission line, while users are able to enjoy dual-head graphics with less cabling. According to G&D, the ability to transmit two video signals via one line becomes extremely interesting when using a matrix switch. In addition to transmission lines, this way of connection also saves interfaces at the central switch. Thus, applications require a smaller and therefore less expensive expansion stage.