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Handy satellite terminal ready to travel

Claimed to be the perfect solution for broadcasters wanting to be first on the scene, Paradigm is showcasing its new Swarm45 satellite terminal.

The lightweight Swarm45 packs down into a backpack or hard case, so it is small and light enough to be transported as airline hand luggage, something Paradigm said was a unique feature for a high-throughput VSAT.

Deployment is said to be fast and straightforward, with setup achievable in 90 seconds. Even an unskilled operator can then be on the air in around 240 seconds, Paradigm claimed. This, it said, was due to the PIM (Paradigm Interface Module), a terminal controller that uses what the company described as ‘innovative and intuitive audio and visual cues’.

Pointing is said to be quick and simple, with no need for external pointing tools or a laptop.

According to Paradigm, the Swarm45 integrates the latest in VSAT technology and high throughput, but is as simple to use as BGAN. It is configurable for Ka, Ku and X band frequencies, and operational on a range of high-throughput satellite networks, including Global Xpress, Avanti, Intelsat Epic and Telenor’s Thor 7.