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Guardian system shows intelligence

Described by the company as an ‘intelligent’ hacking detection system, Alticast is demonstrating Argus at IBC.

Argus is said to efficiently enable the use of big data and machine learning technology to ensure the highest levels of content and revenue security within cloud-based environments. According to Alticast, by using Argus, pay-TV operators and OTT providers can ‘holistically and seamlessly’ protect all devices against hacking and data breaches that can jeopardise revenue and compromise both the privacy and safety of customers.

Also being demonstrated on the Alticast stand is the company’s AltiPlex Cloud UI, which it describes as a flexible UI virtualisation solution, together with Android TV, WebMW and RDK solutions. All are claimed to enable pay-TV operators to deliver high-quality and personalised customer experience on a wide variety of existing set-top boxes and consumer devices, without the need for high-performance CPUs.

Alti-Voiceable is an intelligent voice control interface for GUI applications that supports multiple voice trigger and speech recognition solutions, and can provide client APIs and web interfaces for enabling app-specific natural voice commands.

Alti-Voiceable currently runs on Android and can, the company explained, be easily ported to other platforms.