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Griffin provides signal redundancy

The recently launched Griffin Redundancy Switch provides signal redundancy for satellite modulators, downconverters, or modems, enabling switching to a standby path when an error occurs. The switching can be triggered by front panel, upon RF level detection, alarm contacts or connected to a network monitoring solution. Minimal impact from failure is ensured thanks to hot-swap switch modules.

The Griffin Redundancy Switch can be used for downlink and uplink applications, and can handle RF and ASI signal types. The device offers three switch module types, which can be mixed and matched within the unit to provide flexibility for different application types.

The ASI module, which RTL claimed to be particularly pertinent for video streaming, caters for ASI/SD, SDI/HD and SDI/3G-SDI signal types.

Andrew Bond, sales and marketing director, ETL Systems, said: “Broadcasters are under increasing pressure to provide content anywhere and anytime, often delivered to multiple platforms. In this highly competitive environment, having redundancy in place is becoming increasingly important. This solution makes that easy, while being flexible for a multitude of different applications.”