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GoPro: Fetch offers new PoV

GoPro has introduced two new accessories at IBC: a versatile three-way mount; and Fetch, a new mount for dogs. The €79 three-way mount can be used as a pistol grip, pole, or to shoot selfies, and “you can unscrew the base and it turns into a [miniature] tripod,” said Isabel Pakowski, manager, media relations, Europe.

The €69 Fetch allows users to mount two cameras on a dog, one on the shoulders and the other between the front legs, to give a canine point-of-view. The adjustable mount is designed to fit small dogs of 7kg to larger breeds of up to 54kg. It happily takes to the mud and water, and is machine-washable. There is also a camera tether so the GoPro stays attached.

GoPro has also released new editing software, with templates to offer simple drag-and-drop editing, cut to music, including slow motion and effects. For controlling the camera, it has just updated its mobile app, which now allows users to adjust the ISO setting, image sharpness, colour and white balance.