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Going further with Ronin

An innovative Polecam remote head is being shown here at IBC2015 by Polecam Systems. The new remote head is a combination of Polecam and gimbal, extending the range of remote head options for the company’s lightweight, portable single operator crane system.

The Ronin M gimbal is fully interfaced to the crane system, offering a new dimension to operators and extending Polecam’s shooting capabilities even further. Polecam stated that this innovation would bring further benefits when using zoom lenses on a rig and when operating in difficult weather situations.

UK Polecam DOP, John Gillan, has already been testing the unit on the latest rounds of the Red Bull cliff diving event with great results. He commented: “Whether it’s a Jimmy Jib or a Polecam, strong wind is always tricky for a jib, but I knew that with the recent developments of gimbal technology this could be the answer. The results were brilliant.”

Polecam Systems also offer bespoke interfaces for other major gimbal manufacturers.