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Glensound Electronics: Commentary box makes the call

A range of USB interface units have been launched, comprising the Cub iPhone/Smartphone interface and two versions of the GS-GC5/USB commentary mixer with USB interface – one for PC and one for tablets.

All units offer XLR inputs, compressor/limiters, jack sockets for headphones and a digital USB interface to the PC, notepad or phone. Battery operated, they have on-air buttons, can adjust volume levels, and are in sturdy cases designed for outside broadcast use.

The Cub is a two-input, two-output digital mixer, with a USB audio interface for the iPhone or other smart devices. The iPhone connects to the Cub via a top panel mounted A-type USB plug. Adaptors for Apple Lightning Connector and 30-pin Apple interface leads are included . There is also a mini USB for connection to other smart phones, notepads, laptops or PCs.

The GS-GC5/USB has four inputs (mic/line/48V) and four independent headphone outputs. It is low profile with a flat top, making it a convenient base for laptop computer. All controls sit at the front of the PC, allowing users to access their mic on/off and gain controls. Each user also has their own two input headphone mixer. One input is a mix of the incoming audio, the other is the return cue audio. Large lithium-ion batteries keep the GS-GC5/USB running for over seven hours of operation.

Operationally the GS-GC5T/USB is the same as the GS-GC5/USB, apart from in a squarer, taller form factor with an integral stand specifically designed for tablet PCs.

The USB audio connection on each unit is a 24-bit 48kHz interface to the device, with two input channels and two output channels. All units provide two local XLR outputs. As they are digital mixers, a PC can be connected via USB to change the routing/mixing of the outputs.