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Glass prompter display motors in

Portaprompt’s Motorised Conference Glass prompter display has recently started shipping. One of the first jobs for the discreet MCG was to provide prompting for Michelle Obama on a recent trip to London. The new system, which is 30% lighter and cheaper than its previous units, is now in use with ACE Teleprompting, Prompt Action, and Autocue Hire in the UK, as well as Scriptease in the Netherlands, Murray Tregonning & Associates in Australia and (on trial) with Robin Lisagor Productions in the USA.

According to Portaprompt, the MCG stands come into their own when there are many speakers, of differing heights. During rehearsals, the correct stand height is stored for each presenter, and these are instantly recalled by simply pressing their number on the hand controller’s keypad.

Stand 11.G49