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Getting social with TV

Being showcased for the first time is a telco-based solution that has been adapted for broadcasters and content owners to enable them to add a communication layer and promote interactivity for web-based streaming services.

Quobis provides consulting services on WebRTC for telcos and services providers. This technology makes it possible to add a communication and collaboration layer on web-based streaming services and existing mobile applications.

Based on this technology the company has built Sippo WAC, an application server that enables different use cases for web communications, including those related to content streaming such as social TV.

The company is demonstrating features such as group chat, push notifications, multi-conferencing and multi-device support on its Hall 14 stand. As an example, viewers can chat with friends using any device and from any location, and invite them to join a room with a live streaming event.

Quobis has also worked with Spain-based operator Telefónica on its social TV platform, which was launched in 2016.