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Getting a grip on remote cameras

A new line of remote heads designed for smaller box cameras, ENG handheld cameras or digital cinema cameras has been introduced by Egripment.

The smallest head, the lightweight 205, can carry up to 10kg, and effectively replaces Egripment’s Mini Shot and Super Shot heads. The 301 and 306 remote camera heads can both carry up to 15kg, but the 306 can cope with wider cameras.

The heads are available as a standalone system for direct control of the remote head, suitable for live productions such as sports, concerts and shows. More sophisticated digital versions of each head can be used for remote broadcast applications. Based on an IP platform they are part of a network and can be used simultaneously by multiple controllers.

Presets, moves and recordings can be easily set up through Egripment’s touch panel, and are particularly useful for automated news studios. They are particularly suitable for programmable shots in combination with the G-track dolly and Starcam telescoping column.