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Get your GUI ready

The flexibility and scalability of AoIP on the company’s WheatNet-IP audio network is being shown via the ScreenBuilder app. The company claimed a user can build his or her own on-screen virtual control interface for just about any purpose.

The ScreenBuilder app has faders, meters, labels, buttons, clocks, timers and other widgets that can be arranged on a PC screen to create custom control panels and touchscreens with quick-access tools for level adjusting and monitoring, and more.

Graphics, logos, and other images can be added. Custom panels made with ScreenBuilder have access to Wheatstone’s complete AoIP network, the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network and all BLADEs, control surfaces, processors and partner devices on it.

Once created, custom panels and touchscreen interfaces can be password protected to prevent unauthorised manipulation of the special graphics and functions.