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Genie conjures up silky sequel

The new Genie II motion control rig is a compact, modular three-axis update on its predecessor that is said to be smoother, faster, quieter and stronger. While the original Genie in 2012 was designed primarily for time-lapse photography, with some video features added subsequently, the Genie II has been designed to be just as usable for video as it is for time lapse.

There are now two components: a small linear drive, for moving along a slider, which can be used by itself; and a pan/tilt module, which clicks in to the top of the linear drive to make the system a full, three-axis motion controller.

Both units have in-built, replaceable batteries, which give about eight hours of continuous video use or 24 hours time lapse and can also power a camera or other attached device via a pair of USB ports. Both also have Bluetooth and WiFi connections for app control.

“There has never been such a powerful motion control system, small enough to fit inside a filmmakers’ backpack,” according to Syrp director Ben Ryan.

Pricing isn’t finalised, but a complete package should cost no more than $2,000 (about $1,200 for the pan/tilt unit, plus $800 for the linear drive – about the same as the original Genie). The system is expected to ship in November. For those on a budget, the linear drive can also work with the existing $250 Genie Mini, to build a two- or even three-axis rig.