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Gemini rising to lighting demands

Gemini is a new 2×1, RGB-WW soft panel that combines daylight, tungsten and red-green-blue LEDs to deliver precise colour control.

Pat Grosswendt, co-founder of Litepanels, and professional gaffer, said: “Our customers have been asking for a wide, soft light source like the original [1×1 panel], but in a 2×1 form factor. Now users have the convenience of achieving their desired lighting setup without having to gang together multiple lights.”

Many 2×1 panels achieve white light by mixing red, green and blue, which can create undesirable colour spikes. Gemini builds on a daylight-to-tungsten light foundation with finely adjustable colour throughout the full 360º colour wheel. This means that users can match a broad range of ambient lighting conditions quickly and simply.

There are three lighting modes: correlated colour temperature mode, for bicolour (daylight to tungsten) with +/- green adjustment; colour mode, offering hue saturation and intensity control for full colour and saturation control; and gel mode – to dial up popular gels.

Other features include: smooth dimming from 100 per cent to zero without any colour shift; remote control through DMX, Wireless DMX or Bluetooth (claimed to be an industry first), and via SmartLite iOS apps.