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Luma Tech has extended its series of Super35mm Illumina S35 PL-mount lenses at both ends, adding its widest-angle 14mm and its longest 135mm lenses.

The Illumina S35 14mm is a T1.8 model, with a close focus of 25cm, and weighs 1.6kg, while the 2.3kg 135mm S35 lens has a T1.8 aperture and 150cm minimum object distance. The other five lenses in the range (18, 15, 35, 50 and 85mm) all have T1.3 apertures.

All the lenses use Lomo optics and are claimed to offer high resolution and contrast, with “a forgiving creaminess”.

Their European distributor, GearCam, is also showing Lomo’s new optical test bench for cinematographic optics: the Lumacon. Equipped with proprietary sensor components and software, it uses the peak contrast principle to pinpoint optimum back focus, focus distance scale settings and true light-transmission (T-stop) performance of lenses. The image of a knife-edge reference object is used to generate performance curves, which the software then interprets, automatically locating the point of peak image quality. As well as maintenance and repair, it is useful for in-depth analysis and comparison of optical resolution and assembly quality, and is claimed to be “the most powerful instrument for optical quality assessment ever offered at such an affordable price-point.”